As a Business Owner, you likely spend most of your time working IN your business and don’t have time to work ON your business…  And that has paid off in the fact that the business itself is probably doing really well.  But without taking the time to step back and Plan, at best, you might not reach your personal goals as quickly, or even at all…

You might feel like you’ve done some planning because you have some “stuff” in place- like a 401k, an IRA, maybe a brokerage account- and might even have a Broker managing it for you.  And you probably have a CPA too (although they rarely give you much tax “advice”).

But overall you’re “good”…

So if you keep doing what you’re doing, will you get where you want to go, and as quickly as possible?

And how would your Retirement be impacted if any of these happens?:

  • Increased competition, technology, consumer demand, etc. negatively impact the value of your business and it’s no longer as valuable to you as a Personal Asset for Retirement as you had hoped
  • You’re paying more in current and future Income and Estate Taxes than you have to
  • You don’t know the value of the business and either accept an offer that’s too low, or pass on a great offer
  • A Key Employee quits, gets sick, or passes away and revenue drops significantly
  • You or another Owner get sick or passes away and the other Owners, or Families, get into a lawsuit over the business value and who owes who what
  • Someone sues you
  • An Employee who lost money in your 401k calls the Department of Labor to complain the plan didn’t have the right investment options or they cost too much

My job is to help you make the time to step back and first determine what exactly your lifestyle goals are for you and your family.

Then we help you determine:

  1. What your business is worth and how it fits into those goals?
  2. How to create a Succession Plan for the business?  If you plan to sell it, who are the likely buyers?  Are they internal or external?  Do you want (or need) to stay on as a Consultant?
  3. The best way to manage the proceeds after the sale?  What return do you need?  How do we avoid as much risk as possible?
  4. The impact of Taxes, Inflation, Longevity and Health Care costs?
  5. How to avoid Estate Taxes?

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