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Hope is a four-letter word in our world…

At Top Flight Wealth Strategies, we help you elevate your planning from “Transaction-oriented” to “Goal-oriented.”  It’s impossible for any advisor to know exactly what you need to be doing today without first knowing, in detail, your short and long-term lifestyle goals.  Once we know the destination, we build the digital roadmap to determine the most efficient way to get you there- considering factors like taxes, inflation, longevity, social security, market cycles, required annual savings and investment returns, risk management, estate planning, charitable giving and legacy goals.

Benjamin Franklin might have said it best: 

“If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”  

  • Christian faith
  • We put our clients first.  Sometimes that means that, once we get to know your situation and needs, we might determine we’re not the right/best avenue for you and help by introducing you to someone else who is.
  • Vast majority of clients come through introductions from existing clients
  • Personally return calls and e-mails within the same day
  • Employ two full-time staff who have been with Top Flight for years to help with all service requests
  • Offer to meet as often as you’d like, in whatever fashion you prefer
  • Can meet out of the office if desired
  • Discuss how we’re compensated, fees, and service options at the first meeting
Client Education:
  • Teach you, in as much detail as you’d prefer, about financial products and strategies
  • Discuss different product and service options that apply to you, and the pros/cons of each
  • Weekly newsletter and social media posts with financial and non-financial topics
  • Develop actual, comprehensive Financial Plans- not only help you with Investments and/or Insurance
    • Test What-If decisions
    • Consider taxes, inflation, social security, longevity, and different market returns at different times
  • Goal-oriented, customized advice and solutions based on your lifestyle goals
  • Help you save more
  • Discuss financial questions that might not relate to anything we directly manage for you
    • Common examples include whether you should:
      • Refinance your mortgage?
      • Pay extra on your student loans, mortgage or cars?
      • Buy or lease your cars?
      • Pay cash or finance your back-yard project?
      • Max your HSA?
      • Select the Roth or Pre-tax option in your 401k?
  • Access to a full-time Planning Team of CFP’s
  • Business Planning
    • 401k plan review
    • Buy / Sell planning
    • Business Valuations
    • Attract and retain Key Employees
  • Specialization in working with Business Owners, Physicians, and Retirees
  • A network of other trusted service providers who can work together
    • CPA’s
    • Bankers / Lenders
    • Homeowners / Auto Agents
    • Realtors
    • Health Insurance
  • Incorporate Tithing / Charitable Giving into your plan if desired
Professional Designations / Expertise:


  • Passed a rigorous exam proving knowledge in investments, taxes, retirement, estate planning and insurance
  • Requires 15 hours/year of Continuing Education, including Ethics


  • Detail-oriented, and can help with tax strategies
  • Requires 40 hours/year of Continuing Education, including Ethics


  • Help with clients who own a business

Series 7, 66 / Investments / FINRA:

  • “Firm Element”- Annual training that differs year-to-year
  • “Regulatory Element” every three years

Group 1 / Texas Department of Insurance:

  • Requires 12 hours/year of Continuing Education, including Ethics
  • Product-specific training

Over 20 years in the Financial industry

  • Online access to all your accounts, data, models, projections, and documents
  • Utilize E-Sign technology for most Investment and Insurance applications
  • Ability to click a link to easily schedule Calls or Meetings
  • Two full-time compliance officers, plus a Broker/Dealer that performs regular audits

Jeffrey D. Cummins, CPA, MBA, CFP®


Top Flight Wealth Strategies

Galleria Tower Two, 20th Floor

13455 Noel Rd, Dallas, TX 75240

972-455-4360  |  F. 972-246-1899

Jeffrey D. Cummins is a registered representative of and offers securities investment advisory and financial planning services through MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. Supervisory Office: Galleria Tower Two, 13455 Noel Road, 20th Floor  Dallas, TX 75240, (972) 246-1800. Top Flight Wealth Strategies is not a subsidiary or an affiliate of MML Investors Services, LLC.


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