What Makes Us Unique

Hope is a four-letter word in our world…

  • Develop actual, comprehensive Financial Plans- not only help you with Investments and/or Insurance
    • Test What-If decisions
    • Consider taxes, inflation, social security, longevity, and different market returns at different times
  • Goal-oriented, customized advice and solutions based on your lifestyle goals
  • Help you save more
  • Discuss financial questions that might not relate to anything we directly manage for you
    • Common examples include whether you should:
      • Refinance your mortgage?
      • Pay extra on your student loans, mortgage, or cars?
      • Buy or lease your cars?
      • Pay cash or finance your back-yard project?
      • Max your HSA?
      • Select the Roth or Pre-tax option in your 401k?
  • Business Planning
    • 401k plan review
    • Buy / Sell Planning and Funding
    • Business Valuation
    • Attract and retain Key Employees
    • Create a formal Succession Plan for you to exit the business
  • A network of other trusted service providers who can work together
    • CPA’s
    • Attorneys
    • Bankers / Lenders
    • Homeowners / Auto Agents
    • Realtors
    • Health Insurance Agents
  • Incorporate Tithing / Charitable Giving into your plan if desired


  • Christian faith
  • We put our clients first.  Sometimes that means that, once we get to know your situation and needs, we might determine we’re not the right/best avenue for you and help by introducing you to someone else who is.
  • Vast majority of clients come through introductions from existing clients
  • Personally return calls and e-mails within the same day
  • Employ two full-time staff who have been with Top Flight for years to help with all service requests
  • Offer to meet as often as you’d like, in whatever fashion you prefer
  • Can meet out of the office if desired
  • Discuss how we’re compensated, fees, and service options at the first meeting
  • Teach you, in as much detail as you’d prefer, about financial products and strategies
  • Discuss different product and service options that apply to you, and the pros/cons of each
  • Weekly newsletter and social media posts with financial and non-financial topics
  • Over 20 years in the Financial Advisory industry
  • Secure portals and a phone application for a real-time view all your accounts, data, projections, and documents
  • Utilize E-Sign technology for most Investment and Insurance applications
  • Ability to click a link to easily schedule Calls or Meetings


  • Passed a rigorous exam proving knowledge in investments, taxes, retirement, estate planning and insurance
  • Requires 15 hours/year of Continuing Education, including Ethics


  • Detail-oriented, and can help with tax strategies
  • Requires 40 hours/year of Continuing Education, including Ethics


  • Help with clients who own a business

Series 7, 66 / Investments / FINRA:

  • “Firm Element”- Annual training that differs year-to-year
  • “Regulatory Element” every three years

Group 1 / Texas Department of Insurance:

  • Requires 12 hours/year of Continuing Education, including Ethics
  • Product-specific training
  • Two full-time compliance officers, plus a Broker/Dealer that performs regular audits

Jeffrey D. Cummins, CPA, MBA, CFP®


Top Flight Wealth Strategies
Galleria Tower Two, 20th Floor
13455 Noel Rd, Dallas, TX 75240
972-455-4360 | F. 972-246-1899

Jeffrey D. Cummins is a registered representative of and offers securities investment advisory and financial planning services through MML Investors Services, LLC. Member SIPC. www.sipc.org Supervisory Office: Galleria Tower Two, 13455 Noel Road, 20th Floor Dallas, TX 75240, (972) 246-1800. Top Flight Wealth Strategies is not a subsidiary or an affiliate of MML Investors Services, LLC.

*Licensed but not practicing


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