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Most people who call us for an appointment already have a number of financial instruments in place, and maybe even have a broker and/or insurance guy who are doing a great job.  When I ask them what’s on their mind, they usually say they feel unorganized, wonder if they’re saving enough, are frustrated about the taxes they pay, and ultimately wonder if they’re on track to reach their lifestyle goals.

To put it another way, they don’t have an actual plan…

So they’re just hoping everything happens to come together just right in the end.

Hope is a four letter word in our world…

At Top Flight Wealth Strategies, we help clients elevate their planning from “Transaction-oriented” to “Goal-Oriented.”  It’s impossible for any advisor to know exactly what a client needs to be doing today without first knowing how they’d like the rest of their life to look.   Once we know the destination, we build the digital roadmap to determine the most efficient way to get them there- considering things like taxes, inflation, longevity, social security, market cycles, required annual savings, required investment return, risk-management, estate planning, etc.

Benjamin Franklin might have said it best:  “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”

Jeffrey D. Cummins, CPA, MBA, CFP®


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